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The Uoriki Company

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In 1930, Rikizo Yamada founded a small family-owned fishmonger in Tachikawa city, Tokyo. His son, Katsuhiro Yamada, started helping the family business when he was in elementary school, and when he was a teenager, he often went to purchase fresh seafoods at the Tsukiji fish market. Katsuhiro continued to grow the company through the years and also eventually passed on his to young employees and also cultivated international suppliers in Alaska and New Zealand to directly purchase quality fresh fish from overseas. With exceptional eyes of buying fresh seafoods and the huge advantage for gaining the unbeatable prices in Tsukiji fish market, Uoriki started a wholesale business for local supermarkets and restaurants as well as a continued expansion of Uoriki retail outlets. Through all of the expansion and growth of Uoriki through the years, we continue to have a deep dedication to customer health and satisfaction by providing the freshest fish of the day for the lowest possible prices. Masayuki Yamada, a son of Katsuhiro and current CEO, has continued to expand Uoriki beyond Japan, bringing quality seafoods to discerning purchasers internationally. Mr. Yamada also carries on the family passion and belief that quality seafoods and Japanese culinary culture can be a conduit to global health and happiness. Uoriki continues to be focused on the United States market and in February 2008, established a joint venture in New Jersey, Uoriki Fresh Inc., with Itochu. In the interest of moving to the next stage of the Uoriki business vision, the joint venture was liquidated and Uoriki Seafoods LLC was established in August 2018. Today, we have 87 stores in Japan and continue to build out business streams focused on restaurant/bar concepts, ready-to-eat sushi, and international seafood supply chains. Uorikiis the only seafood retailing company listed in the top tier of the Tokyo stock exchange. Many things have changed throughout the years, but our philosophy and confidence in procuring and selling delicious seafood has not since the first small fishmonger was opened more than 90 years ago in a quaint corner of Tokyo.